Fingerprint Evidence - Making a Mark (On Demand)


The Finer Points of Fingerprint Evidence

Except for matters of quality and quantity, fingerprint evidence – which can be crucial in a range of serious criminal cases – is rarely challenged. So just what could practitioners be raising in court, that could be key to a case? 

In this webinar, experienced fingerprint expert Tom Coyle will help you better understand the science involved, raise your awareness of the uses to which fingerprint evidence can be put, and profer practical tips for preparing and conducting cases where such evidence is involved. 

WARNING: This presentation contains graphic imagery and real crime scenes that some people might find confronting.

Learning Outcomes

In respect of fingerprint evidence: 

  • Gain a better grasp of the history and science of fingerprints. 
  • Improve your understanding of the development and preservation of prints from crime scenes. 
  • Get to grips with the identification process within NZ, and the impact of delays. 
  • Receive answers to perennial questions such as whether you can age fingerprints, what significance do direction and placement of fingerprints have, and when is legal aid funding available in this context. 
  • Uncover the opportunities that many counsel are missing. 
  • Learn about the role of the independent expert and expert witness. 
  • Solidify your learning with case examples. 

Presenter Details

Tom Coyle, Managing Director, Forensic Insight Ltd 

Pricing Details

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