Civil Litigation Series | The Middle Stages – Close of Pleadings to Trial (On Demand)


From the time the pleadings close, fresh challenges arise and new decisions need to be made both leading up to and during trial. Each decision potentially impacts the next stage, or that two or three steps further on. This webinar will focus upon the steps in a proceeding after the pleadings have closed, and written evidence has been exchanged, through to the hearing. The presenters will discuss the usual steps that occur and issues that arise with them.

Who Should Attend?

Litigators up to intermediate level and those more senior seeking a refresher. General practitioners who do some litigation work will also benefit from attending.

Learning Outcomes

  • Enhance your understanding of the steps between the exchange of written evidence and the commencement of trial and issues that potentially arise in each case.
  • Understand the considerations and steps involved in objecting to other parties’ evidence.
  • Reinforce the importance of preparing your witnesses for trial and the means of doing so.
  • Understand common practical issues arising from use of electronic bundles/VMR and how to deal with them.
  • Consider different approaches to enhance the presentation of your case with visual aids.
  • Evaluate opening submissions, chronologies and different approaches to preparing them.
  • Understand the importance of your theory of the case and your audience.
  • Discuss oral evidence, its significance, and objections during trial.
  • Consider approaches to cross-examination and your preparation for it.
  • Consider re-examination, when it is necessary, and how it might be best tackled.
  • Consider the issues that can arise during a trial, such as the emergence of new, unexpected, issues and evidence and how they might be accommodated.
  • Discuss finalising the closing submissions and the treatment of the evidence in them.

Presenter Details

Linda Hui, Senior Associate, McElroys

Sean McAnally, Barrister, FortyEight Shortland Barristers

Pricing Details

CPD Hours