Privacy for Legal Professionals (On Demand)


This On Demand was recorded on 2 March 2023.

What types of personal information does your practice hold? How is it stored and managed? Do you have a privacy policy and procedure in place? When did you last review it? Does it comply with the privacy principles under the Privacy Act 2020? Are you aware of the implications, risks and liabilities – both legal and other – that a breach of privacy could carry? Do you know your obligations – again, both legal and other – when there is a breach? With law changes overseas, might more than one set of notification obligations apply? What do you need to consider from a privacy perspective when you are procuring legal technology for your practice (e.g. practice and document management, online legal resources etc)?

If your answers to one or more of these questions leaves you feeling uncertain, uncomfortable or unnerved, this On Demand is for you. Join our panel to harness key information and insights into the interface of privacy and technology in legal practice.

Who should view?

Any legal professional who collects, stores or deals with personal information.

Learning Outcomes

  • Refresh your understanding of the types of personal information that lawyers hold, and its classification and separation.
  • Boost your knowledge of the privacy principles, particularly obligations in respect of incidental release and third parties.
  • Improve your understanding of how privacy, confidentiality and legal professional privilege differ but overlap, and what this means for your cybersecurity requirements.
  • In respect of a cyber/data privacy breach, gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the nature and type of breach, and of what are your legal obligations (including having and acting on a compliant policy) and practical ones (such as steps to take and when, and who to involve) for response.
  • Gain a better awareness of the laws in NZ, Australia and Europe that dictate notification obligations – and which one(s) will apply.
  • Update your understanding of whether cyber insurance is available in this context; if so, what it will – and won’t – protect you against; and what it will cost.
  • Ascertain what you need to consider from a privacy perspective when you are procuring legal technology for your practice.

Presenter Details


Lloyd Gallagher | Managing Partner, Gallagher & Co


Amy Kingston-Turner | Director, Source Legal Partners


Edwin Lim | Partner, Hudson Gavin Martin


Luke Han | Solicitor, MinterEllison RuddWatts

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