Criminal Proceeds: Refresher & Live Issues (On Demand)


This On Demand was recorded on 10 March 2021.

Eleven years have passed since the Criminal (Proceeds) Recovery Act came into force, widening the state’s ability to recover monetary gains derived from criminal offending. Since then, the Act has been applied in a range of situations, including white-collar crime, trans-national offending and regulatory offending such as health and safety.

This On Demand provides a refresher on the Act’s provisions and machinery and look at some of the live issues being faced.

Who should view?

Criminal litigators, civil litigators, and all lawyers whose clients may be affected by the provisions of the Act.

Learning Outcomes

  • Refresh your understanding of the Act’s provisions and machinery, including the types of orders available and their requirements.
  • Refresh your understanding of the procedural requirements including recent issues such as statements of claim and discovery.
  • Receive guidance on the quantification of unlawful benefits.
  • Learn more about claims for relief and settlement with the Commissioner of Police.

Presenter Details

Katie Hogan

Mark Harborow

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