Building Law Firm Cybersecurity Resilience: From Vulnerable to Vigilant

2024 has seen a huge increase in cyber incidents for New Zealand businesses and most of them don’t make the news. For every one you see in the news, a large number go unreported. This session will help you understand why NZ is such an attractive target for cyber criminals and what law firms need to know. How do you balance obligations of retention of AML information with protecting it from attack? What protections do you have in place, and what assurance can you provide to clients? What would a cyber attack look like? Should you pay a ransom? How would your firm respond to, and recover from, an attack? 

From practising good cyber hygiene to appropriately managing data breaches, and using real-life examples, Geordie Stewart in conversation with Lloyd Gallagher will provide guidance on how to protect your firm and your clients in this area in which cyber attacks are on the increase.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone within the legal profession wishing to advance their knowledge of cybersecurity, especially partners and others with the responsibility for getting/preserving insurance cover and managing cyber threats.

Learning Outcomes

In respect of cybersecurity:

  • Delve into the threat landscape for law firms, against the context of lawyers’ professional responsibility obligations, including in respect of AML responsibilities, the use of AI, and maintaining confidentiality of data.
  • Understand what controls your firm needs to have in place to preserve eligibility for cyber insurance and how this is likely to change in the next 12 months.
  • Develop a better understanding of law firm risk profiles and indicators.
  • Gain insights into best practice for protecting your firm and clients, including a fit-for-purpose approach and mitigation strategies.
  • Become alert to action steps for identifying gaps in your security and implementing sound processes. 
  • Benefit from real-life case studies, offering takeaways for immediate uptake.

Presenter Details

Geordie Stewart, Chief Information Security Officer, NSP

Lloyd Gallagher, Managing Partner, Gallagher & Co


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