Right First Time: New Titles and Subdivisions

Getting a title or subdivision right, and right first time, is a win-win for you, your client and other stakeholders. But there are some common errors that cause issues during the registration process.

From how to read a survey plan to complex situations, in this webinar LINZ senior solicitors Ross Hurly and Madeline Dawe will guide you through how to effectively navigate this important area of property practice, with helpful examples and reference to useful resources.

Who Should Attend?

Property lawyers, legal executives and general practitioners. Developers and surveyors might also benefit from attending.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improve your familiarity with survey plans, and how they differ from certificates of title. 
  • Gain insights into common issues with instruments.
  • Become apprised of the most frequent failings with new titles and subdivisions, arising in basic and more complex situations. 
  • Benefit from everyday examples of errors in this context. 
  • Refresh your knowledge of resources available to assist with getting new titles and subdivisions right.

Presenter Details

Ross Hurly, Roia a-Tari Matua / Senior Solicitor – Legal LINZ ∣ Toitū Te Whenua

Madeline Dawe, Roia a-Tari Matua / Senior Solicitor – LINZ ∣ Toitū Te Whenua


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