Lessons from Mainzeal (On Demand)


The Directors’ Duties Case of a Generation

 Most of us have some knowledge of the long-running Mainzeal litigation. The Supreme Court has now delivered its much-anticipated judgment, with the Court’s media release describing the case as addressing issues ‘of fundamental importance to the business community’. Looking at the scope and application of specific directors’ duties, the decision considers the extent to which ss 135, 136 and 301 of the Companies Act 1993 provide for the protection of creditors’ interest and how compensation for breach of these duties should be assessed. 

In this webinar, the presenters (members of the team acting for the liquidators) will explain and analyse the Supreme Court’s decision, and delve into the practical implication of this judgment for directors in the future.

A copy of the Supreme Court decision in Yan v Mainzeal Property and Construction Ltd (in liquidation) [2023] NZSC 113 can be accessed here

Who Should Watch?

Company and commercial lawyers as well as civil litigators.

Learning Outcomes

Understand the legal developments of introduced by the Supreme Court decision in Mainzeal Property and Construction Ltd (in liquidation).

  • Get to grips with the material facts and the case history.
  • Benefit from an analysis of the principles applied by the Court 
  • Appreciate the differences in loss quantification under s 135 and s 136. 
  • Become apprised of the practical implications for advising clients in relation to directors’ duties.

Presenter Details

Mihai Pascariu, Partner, Hamilton Locke
Zane Kennedy, Barrister, Mills Lane Chambers

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