Contingency and Continuity: Employment and H&S (On Demand)


Putting a plan in place

Recent weather events in various parts of Aotearoa have had an extraordinary impact. The effects of climate change appear to be making such events more common. In situations of emergency, having a comprehensive contingency and continuity plan is crucial to ensure the safety of employees and minimize the impact of such disruptions on the business. 

Extreme weather events or natural disasters require immediate and urgent responses.  

This webinar will provide timely insights and helpful practical learnings for you to deliver appropriate advice to your clients so they can: 

  • Be best prepared with a contingency and continuity plan that remains effective over the time. 
  • Take the right actions. 
  • Best assist their employees after events, in the process of returning back to normal. 

Designed to be a practical session with learnings from past experiences, the presenters will contribute their unique insights from their perspectives as Employment, Health & Safety and In-House lawyers.

Who Should Attend?

Employment Lawyers, Health & Safety Lawyers, HR Professionals, General Practitioners, Commercial Lawyers, In-house Lawyers. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a clear understanding of Health & Safety and Employment Law obligations when dealing with emergencies. 
  • Get equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and implement effective contingency and continuity plans within your clients’ organisations (corporate or smaller structures) to best anticipate and respond to emergency situations.  
  • Get practical guidance on how to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment to identify potential threats. 
  • Understand common issues arising during and after such events, and gain guidance on how to handle them efficiently. 

Presenter Details

Penny Bower, Head of Legal, Waste Management NZ Limited
Myriam Mitchell, Copeland Ashcroft, Partner
Daniel Erickson, Tompkins Wake, Partner

Chair: Claire Mansell, Barrister

Pricing Details

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