Streamlining Residential Care Subsidies (On Demand)


This On Demand was originally recorded on 09/11/2023

Smoothing the Way

Entry into long-term rest home care is not an easy process for clients and their families. Care costs have increased significantly and clients are often very anxious about how they will pay for it.  Residential care subsidies can create consternation and stress for advisers and clients alike. Assessing entitlement to a residential care subsidy (RCS) is not always straightforward due to longstanding misconceptions and the interplay of the relevant legislation and case law. In addition, more than 10 years on, things have changed. 

In this webinar, Vicki Ammundsen and Theresa Donnelly will address key issues and updates, and provide practical insights, including what can and can’t be done to improve an applicant’s RCS position or in planning to take account of current RCS rules.

Learning Outcomes

In respect of residential care subsidies

  • Refresh your knowledge of the relevant legislation. 
  • Develop a better understanding of the process for making a residential care subsidy application. 
  • Gain a better understanding of how occupation right agreements, life interests, relationship status, trust involvement, gifting and loans impact the process. 
  • Become updated on how the Ministry of Social Development is applying the law.

Presenter Details

Vicki Ammundsen, Director and Notary Public, Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law Limited
Theresa Donnelly, Legal Services Manager, Perpetual Guardian 

Pricing Details

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