Heather Collins


Heather Collins, Associate, Pitt & Moore Lawyers & Notaries Public

Heather specialises exclusively in immigration and employment law and assists individuals and corporate clients on a broad range of immigration and employment matters.  She regularly advises clients on the crossover of these two areas of law and has previously presented to Lawyers and Immigration Advisers on this topic.  

In the immigration sphere, Heather has over 9 years’ experience advising on various visa categories and assists with their complexities including character and medical waiver requests, responding to concerns regarding potentially prejudicial information, section 61 requests, Ministerial intervention requests, and appeals to the Immigration and Protection Tribunal.  

Heather also has 14 years’ experience assisting employees and employers from a range of sectors on a variety of employment matters.  She is experienced in raising and defending personal grievances, and assisting with disciplinary and performance issues, restructuring, redundancy, health and safety, mediation and matters proceeding to the Employment Relations Authority.