Trans-Tasman Tax Tango

What your clients need to know

Cross border migration and trans-Tasman business investment is on the increase in our post-COVID-19 environment.  Associated with these activities are a myriad tax considerations.  Tax is a complex and ever-changing area and the risk of overlooking implications and getting it wrong can lead to mounting penalty and interest costs, never mind an unexpected tax bill. 

This seminar aims to equip you with an awareness of issues to raise with your clients if they are considering a move, an acquisition or investment trans-Tasman.  It will be high level and provide you with an overview of relevant matters to be mindful of and when to seek specialist input. 

Who should attend?

Any legal professional advising clients who are migrating either direction (i.e. AU to NZ and NZ to AU) or looking to invest Trans Tasman. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the tax residency tests in Australia and New Zealand for individuals and companies 
  • Gain an understanding of how the Australia/New Zealand double tax agreement may apply 
  • Be able to identify possible tax implications for your clients of owning rental properties in Australia or New Zealand 
  • Be aware of trust issues to consider if your clients are relocating 
  • Understand the GST implications of providing cross border services to clients offshore 
  • Be aware of some tax issues relating to superannuation withdrawal, capital gains tax implications on the family home and bright-line main home exemption if your client is relocating 

Presenter Details

Bridget Riley, Managing Director, BR Tax Advisors, Auckland
Sam Lo Ricco, Corporate Tax Partner, Nuwaru, Sydney


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